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Dr Zachary Gleeson

About Dr. Gleeson

His passion and expertise concerning the proper treatment of ADHD has led him to becoming an expert in his field where he strives to promote the idea of neurodiversity and reassuring patients that we are all both brilliant and a little crazy in our own ways. 

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Not only does Dr. Gleeson himself have ADHD but so does his wife and one of two children, therefore he understands all aspects of the diagnosis and treatment options as a patient, parent and spouse.

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Putting your needs first

When I see a new patient for an assessment of ADHD symptoms, I do not offer a prescription for an ADHD medication immediately after the diagnosis is made. Instead, I spend a session on psychoeducation — teaching the patient about the neurobiological underpinnings of ADHD, including how medication works to help it.

These psychoeducational sessions are important not only for teaching, but also for assessing the patient’s beliefs and whether his or her expectations are reasonable. It helps the patient better understand what symptom control and improvement medication can, realistically, achieve. It also teaches him or her how to recognize negative side effects, and how to make medication adjustments with his or her clinician.

At the same time, education helps to build a clinician-patient alliance and to create a collaborative framework where the clinician and patient are jointly deciding upon and adjusting a medication plan. In my experience, patients who feel part of a collaborative partnership are much more likely to adhere to treatment than are those who feel the medication plan was unilaterally dictated