In light of the current global pandemic all care will provided using telehealth services. Click here for more information.


In light of the current global pandemic all care will provided using telehealth services

  • ChARM TeleHealth is a HIPAA compliant, end-to-end telehealth solution , which enables you to perform video consultations.
  • ChARM video platform works on both Desktop and Mobile phones or tablets.
  • Patients can pay online then book telehealth appointments from ChARM Patient Portal and practice website.
  • Doctor can have secure telehealth session with patients and write chart notes simultaneously from ChARM EHR. Medications will be sent to pharmacy of your choice.
  • Screen sharing feature helps patient to share medical records stored on their desktop and mobile phone with providers.
  • Doctor can also have an instant text chat with patients during telehealth sessions.
  • Consultation summary is automatically shared with patients at the end of telehealth session.
  • Multi-user telehealth sessions allow more than one patient representatives to participate in the video call.

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